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We Are Passionate About Saving Energy

We Are Passionate About Saving Energy


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We make sure we're the right solar company for YOU

We are thoroughly regulated to make sure your product and investment is secure to the highest level


Strict Regulations

Feel assured that the installer has gone through a rigorous process to become a member and has satisfied EPVS that their documentation, provided to consumers, is up to standard.

Certified Processes

EPVS aim to protect consumers from receiving overinflated figures from installers when making a purchase by sampling the contractual paperwork to ensure meets our certification standard.


Benefits of using an EPVS member

  • Increase confidence in the installer providing you with a quote
  • Added layer of security and protection from EPVS
  • Our process gives accuracy importance thereby reducing misselling
  • Independent ongoing monitoring of installers ensures compliance
  • You will receive an EPVS certificate stating your installation is registered
  • FREE validation check is available to you should you require it


Key Consumer Benefits using a Platinum Member

  • Vetted & Accredited Installers
  • Free Deposit Protection Insurance
  • Free Stage Payment Protection
  • Free Insurance Backed Guarantee
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • Access To Ombudsman Service


We help individual consumers directly through our consumer contact centre. This helps consumers identify whether firms are authorised, assists in respect of frauds or scams, and directs consumers to the Financial Ombudsman Service.

Consumer Fairness

The FCA principles require firms to consider what information their customers need and communicate it in a way which is clear, fair and not misleading. Customers can use this information to assess if they are being treated fairly.



Benefits of using an FCA member

  • Protect consumers – we secure an appropriate degree of protection for consumers
  • Improving how financial markets function and how firms conduct their business.
  • We consider the needs of the end user and how our action may benefit them.
  • Understanding user needs, and recognising where some users may be vulnerable

How We Protect Your Future

Solar Panels

Smart Extras

Your Utility

Bill Credits

Solar Panels


Premium Partnership


REST and Eurener have teamed up to bring you the best Solar Panel on the market. We believe it is important to provide customers with high quality, long lasting products. Solar Energy is a long term investment so it is key for us to bring continued yearly savings as promised.

Exclusive Partnership

We have partnered up with Eurener to bring you high quality, European made Solar Panels

European Quality

Designed and manufactured in Europe

IBC technology

Interdigitated back contact

N-type cell

120 Half-Cut IBC

Staubli MC4

Lower internal current


Over 22% efficiency

Premium integration

Total black

Long durability

90% at the 30th year

No hot spots

Lower internal current


REST and Eurener have teamed up to bring you the best Solar Panel on the market. We believe it is important to provide customers with high-quality, long-lasting products. Solar Energy is a long-term investment, so it is key for us to bring continued yearly savings as promised.

In a photovoltaic module, a hot spot describes an over-proportional heating of a single solar cell or a cell part compared to the surrounding cells. It is a typical degradation mode in PV modules.

Hot spots can originate, if one solar cell, or just a part of it, produces less carrier compared to the other cells connected in series. This may occur due to partially shading, dirt on the module (leaf, bird drop) or cell mismatches. Hotspots are the biggest contributor to Solar Panel Degradation over time specially here in the UK.

Quick detection is possible with an infrared camera, performing thermography imaging. A hot spot can also lead to browning in the glass plane of the PV module if it is present for a long time. Thus, the hot spot can become visible to the human eye. You can see Hotspots on panels that were installed in the last 5-10 years with hotspots visible to the human eye.

We at REST have the solution and the highest quality European panel on the Market to offer.

Panel with hotspots
Solar panels with no hotspots

Solar Energy is a long-term investment so it is key for us to bring continued yearly savings as promised. As such, using Eurener’s new exclusive manufacturing technologies, we can guarantee our clients that no Hotspots will develop throughout the panel’s lifespan so that you can enjoy the benefits of renewable energy for years to come.

No hot spots

Lower internal current


Over 22% efficiency

Long durability

90% at the 30th year

Eurener panel warranties

Solar Panel Comparison

Standard Chinese Panels

Made in China

Panel Specifications

  • CHINESE 335w Solar Panels
  • 12 Year Warranty
  • 12 Year Performance Guarantee
  • 54 Solar Cells
  • Environmental Weather Tested
  • No Maintenance Required
  • No guarantee of material origins


Made in Europe

Eurener solar panel

Panel Specifications

    • Eurener 400w solar panels – Made in Europe
    • 25 Year Product Warranty
    • 30 Year Performance Guarantee
    • N-Type cells, featuring far less degradation that a P-Type cell, and will still be producing 90% efficiency after 30 years.
    • Efficiency – Over 22% efficiency
    • Premium integration – Total black
    • Long durability – 90% at the 30th year
    • No Hotspots
    • No Busbars
    •  European Quality
    •  Made in Spain
    •  Lead free – Respectful environment
    • No materials from regions using forced Uyghur labour

Module Efficiencies




Inverters & Monitoring

Smart Energy Extras

A 5 Star Service

Our customers are highly impressed with REST

Karen DeanMy Rest experience... 5/5

Fantastic service, from my initial enquiry to the guys who fitted the panels. Thank you to Ray for being so patient with all my questions and even popping by after!

Mike ChapmanVery happy with my solar panels.

Only had the solar panels and battery for a fortnight, but the sun has been shining and we’ve had ‘free’ electricity 24 hours a day. It will be interesting to see how the system performs in the winter months. REST have fulfilled all that was promised and I’m very pleased with the system installed. Can’t wait to be paid for my exported KWh.

Alex WalkerWe were very happy with the…

We were very happy with the representative from REST who came and gave us all the information in an honest and easy to understand way!
The solar panels themselves are working excellently and making a huge difference to our energy bills .
The fitters that came to install the panels were great even though the weather was atrocious and they had to return s second day to actually finish.
Very happy with the over experience from start to finish.

Lisa GladdishVery happy with the complete service

Very happy with the complete service, from the initial meeting right through to the installation. No hard sell, just enough information for you to make an informed decision. Would recommend.

James CanningsReally great service

Really great service. Explained it really clearly. Was installed very quickly and all running well. Follow-ups and any questions have been asked quickly. It's a great system.


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